April 2018
The People’s Friend –Where Swallows Choose to RoostWhat a HootColour blindness in Pets Parrots and Ferrets features

March 2018
The People’s Friend – Coming Out of His Shell

The People’s Friend feature on Jonathan.

January 2018
The People’s Friend – New Year’s Resolutions for my Mutt

December 2017  
The People’s Friend –TV Watching Dogs

October 2017
The People’s Friend – Strictly Spiders

September 2017
The People’s Friend – Tales from Prospect House -start of a 2nd series, weekly for six months

September 2016
The Daily Mail – Does Your Dog Have Square Eyes?

March 2016
The Daily Mail – Home Alone Hounds

December 2015
The Daily Mail – Batty about Bats

May 2015 
The People’s Friend – Tales from Prospect House -start of 1st series, weekly for six months

December 2014
The People’s Friend Christmas Double issue – A Furry Friend at Christmas

November 2014
In the Dog House Dora feature and review of Pets Aplenty
Writing Magazine – Members’ News feature

October 2014
Your Cat – My Kinda Cat
Parrots Magazine – In Awe of Aurora
Life with Pets Magazine – A Christmas Blessed by Bismarck

September 2014
Veterinary Practice – Stop Horsing Around
The People’s Friend – A Bear for Clare 13th Sept issue

August 2014

Bournemouth Echo – My Brockland Badgers Saturday 30th
Exmoor4all – Culbone feature

April 2014

Life with Pets Vet Tales – Battles with Bella

December 2013
The People’s Friend – Without a Clue

October 2013 – current
www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk  A monthly dog blog called Dora’s Diary

December 2012
www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk – Bismarck’s Christmas Treat
The People’s Friend – Trimming the Tree
Sussex Life – Stocking up for Christmas

November 2012
www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk – Jumping Jack Splash 

October 2012
The Sunday Times – Are they having a laugh?

August 2012
www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk – Keeping a Watch on Hattie  
The Daily Mail – Who’s brainier than a toddler then?  Me!
The Daily Mail – Fed up with mowing the lawn?  

July 2012
www.pet-owners.co.uk – Gertie the Goose
www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk – A Fete to be Feared

Cat World – Antacs with Antac
Dogs Today – ‘Adopt Me’ sponsor for the month
People’s Friend – Book club offer and short story

June 2012
www.pet-owners.co.uk/Battles – Battles with Buster
www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk/Keeping – Keeping a Watch on Hattie

Western Gazette – A feature on Arthur-Rex.
The Daily Mail – A feature ‘My Wife Loves a Mangey Mutt More Than Me.’

May 2012
www.pet-owners.co.uk – Never Miss a Trick
www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk – Cyril the Squirrel

April 2012
www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk – The Silent Siamese

March 2012
www.pet-owners.co.uk – Claws for Concern

February 2012
www.sixtyplusurfers.co.uk – A Clean Bill
www.pet-owners.co.uk – Caught on the Hop

January 2012
www.pet-owners.co.uk – A Hen Party