Pets on Parade

Things haven’t calmed down for vet, Paul Mitchell, since we last joined him at Prospect House Veterinary Hospital. Continuing his fun-filled exploits, he’s spellbound by a medium with her spooked cat and tricked by a magician with his poorly rabbit, not to mention his encounter with trophy hunting cats, a runaway fox and a gored ostrich, who all add to the parade of pets that weave a colourful path through Paul’s rollercoaster life.

No less a challenge is his turbulent relationship with the vet nurse, Lucy, and how they cope with a cottage full of cats, an adorable Jack Russell called Nelson and an invasion of mice. Sparks fly on the arrival of Jodie, the daughter of the practice partners. But when Paul has to operate on his beloved parrot with the help of Jodie, it’s the climax of another heartfelt chapter in this young vet’s exploits.

In this follow up to the number one bestseller, Pets in a Pickle, author Malcolm Welshman introduces a wealth of new characters – animal and human – while reminding us of some firm favourites, such as the steely-eyed receptionist, Beryl Wagstaff, and the Stockwell sisters who never have time for the ‘vet’ in a hurry’. This whirlwind ride of delightful encounters will engage readers and keep them gripped to the glorious, cliffhanger ending.

Amazon reviews
Terry Wogan was Absolutely Right!!
‘Sir Terry Wogan said of Welshman’s first novel, ‘It’s fun and should bring a smile to your face.’ Well it certainly applies to the second instalment of Paul Mitchell’s antics at Prospect House. ‘Pets on Parade’ not only equals ‘Pets in a Pickle’ but quite surpasses it.’

More Spontaneous Laughter
A Green Living Magazine review saying Pets in a Pickle was ‘laugh a minute material… I have not laughed so much reading a book for a very long time’ tempted me to buy the book, and I was not disappointed. It was great fun. No wonder the ebook version got to number 2 on Kindle’s bestseller list. 

‘So could Pets on Parade live up to the standard set by the first book I wondered? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. Indeed, I feel it’s even better. It leaves you dangling. Wanting more. There just has to be a third volume in this delightful series.’