Discover Dogs – Earls Court 12-13th November

Spent the week-end up in London to attend the Discover Dogs Show. Was able to meet up with over 60 breeders and spread the word re Pets in a Pickle. Did a postcard drop of the book well in excess of 150.
The books I donated to The Border Collie Trust were all sold. They have stocked their online shop with some copies.

Made contact with the Medical Detection Dogs, a new charity training dogs to detect cancers in humans. Had a chat with Dr Claire Guest, the doctor responsible for the British research into cancer sniffer-dogs

Finally met ‘Mr Kipling’ the person behind raising money for many animal charities. Have donated a book.

Also met up with Jenny Rignall, sub-editor of Dogs Monthly. She’d been my contact earlier in the year when proposing an extract from my book for their Christmas issue.  She showed me the spread they did in the magazine.  Magnificent.  Thank you to all involved.