Cover for Pets on Parade

In conjunction with David Brackston, an artist colleague of mine, have been working on a cartoon drawing for the cover of my sequel, Pets on Parade, which is due to be published next April. My biggest headache was the parrot in flight. Tried an African Grey as the final chapter of the book describes a pivotal point in Paul’s early career as a vet since he operates on his own parrot in a desperate attempt to save her life ( based on what happened to me). But that ‘Polly’ didn’t look right so opted for a Blue and Gold Macaw in descending flight.  Think it fits in better. Love David’s fish with its bandage on.

The animals and David’s colouring of them look good and with the blue of his lettering against the white background, should make for an eye-catching cover.

David specialises in landscapes and portraits. More of his work can be seen on his website :