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Finding a home for Pets Aplenty

Finding a home for Pets Aplenty

The first couple of months of 2014 found me looking at the options for publishing my third pet novel, Pets Aplenty. My agent at Sheil Land Associates proposed using their in-house publisher to produce a print-on-demand(POD) and Kindle version.

Robert Hale Publishers offered a contract to publish the book next year. I considered the possibility of using companies such as ebook Versions and PublishNation to do the donkey work for me and produce an ebook and POD.

The self-publishing POD/ebook route was tempting as it would have meant having full control over the production and the subsequent revenue generated. The advice given me by the Society of Authors was very thorough and invaluable during my weeks of deliberations.

In the end I plumped for a traditional publisher, Austin Macauley, who showed their keenness to offer a traditional publishing contract within weeks of contacting them and with the added allure of a summer publishing date.